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Fri Apr 3, 2020

I'm done with the first draft. The process still needs a lot of tweaking. Specifically, I need to gain more mastery of Meshlab to make sure that the mesh is really wrapping the acquired point cloud. The poisson mesh didn't seem to cover the book (my photogrammetry subject) point cloud. Here's what the end result looks like currently after the process I've written up.

Cons so far: need better point cloud mesh wrapping Pros: We have a clean install process for the full pipeline and it all seems to be working smoothly. I was even able to run it on my low end laptop with integrated low end graphics card successfully all the way through the pipeline (VisualSFM, CMVS-PMVS, Meshlab, Blender).

Here's the wiki link with the instructions I've wrote up to this point: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/PhotogrammetryWorkflows/VisualSFM_CMVS-PMVS_Meshlab