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by Jake Greear:

Academic publication on OSE - Yes. http://environmentalhumanities.org/arch/vol7/7.5.pdf

Environmental Humanities is an open access, creative commons journal. So anyone can access the full article at the above url. It is also available on my academia.edu site. The article got a lot of praise from the peer reviewers, but as an academic journal EH's readership is pretty limited I think.




I'm a political theory PhD, independent researcher (https://northgeorgia.academia.edu/JakeGreear), adjunct professor, and carpenter (escoweedesigns.com). My wife sells produce locally here in Asheville so I'm familiar with the small farm scene and it's travails.

I don't know where to find the specific kind of studies you ask for. But in my mind my article partly fills the bill. I tried to show at least part of what is missed in the carbon efficiency calculus you are mentioning. My argument can be read, I think, as accounting for the quality of life variable. As for wars, I'm not convinced that material scarcity or the insecurity of supply chains is that big of a driver of our wars. I want to think more on that though. Anyway, I intended my article to fill in part of the more holistic critique you'd like to see. Is it rigorous? Well, I bet you won't find anything much more rigorous in a humanities journal ;)


Nice article. Tell me more about yourself.

Good insight on orders of magnitude efficiency of global supply chains - compared to a pickup truck on a 30 mile trip - though a critique can be made that from the holistic perspective, that efficiency is not real when real costs are considered - such as quality of life, warfare, concentration of power, etc. do you know of any studies that show a rigorous analysis of these larger costs - or even a definition of what these costs are?

On page 16, change 'I agree with' if this is an academic paper.

Our media is found on the High Resolution GVCS Media page on the ose wiki. It's all cc-by-SA.



Dear Marcin Jacubowski,

I am an academic researcher, and I have written an article on Open Source Ecology, which has been accepted for publication at Environmental Humanities. I am writing to request permission to use images from the OSE website in the article. I will include a copy of the manuscript, attached. Thank you, and I encourage you to keep up the work. It doesn't have to bring about utopia overnight (or even succeed in going viral on the internet of things) to be a worthwhile and important experiment.

Cheers, Jake Greear

Draft for peer review - File:DecentProduction.pdf