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On the 8th of March, 2011, the Core Team is meeting with Janelle Orsi in the Bay Area USA for a discussion on legal form for OSE. Janelle is a lawyer focusing on legal structures that facilite distributive economic development - a consultant and thought leader who published The Sharing Solution.

Here are some of the questions that we want to discuss:

1. Should we incorporate as an NGO or a non-profit organization?

2. Does tax-exempt distinction from the IRS apply to NGOs and non-profits alike?

3. Can we set up an NGO outside of governmental legal jurisdiction (ie, the true definition of NGO), while maintaining organizational coherence that allows us to accept private donations and private grants?

4. Can government entities contract with the NGO?

5. Are there any other options for organizational form desirable for developing the GVCS that are somewhere else in the spectrum from private to public jurisdiction?

6. Should we incorporate OSE or GVCS if our goal is 50/2/2?

7. If we go corporate as a 501c3 organization, can we set up parallel branches in other states, such as GVCS Inc, GVCS Florida Inc, etc?

8. In the corporate route, are there restrictions in terms of sharing officers or board of director members between different organizations? Can the same people operate organizations in 2 states?

9. Is there any reason to enter a foreign jurisdiction in another country as the situs of the corporation?

10. How do we handle Kickstarter funds?

11. What should a fiscal sponsorship agreement include?

12. How do we distribute funds among the projects and people?