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Hey Marcin,

Please test janus & jangouts on our ec2 server.

I just registered an ssl certificate on Let's Encrypt on our temporary/free ec2 instance, so you can now play around with Janus and Jangouts. It would be good if you and the team can test this & provide feedback. Then, after testing Janus/Jangouts, we can do a similar test for our homebrew Jitsi Meet (building of which requires me to destroy the current janus server--which can be rebuilt if needed), and compare experiences.

You can try jangouts here:

* https://jangouts.opensourceecology.org/jangouts/dist/

Jangouts, which is built on the Janus Gateway, is designed to mimic Google Hangouts. It should have all the built-in functionality of screen sharing & such, but I haven't had a chance to test it on a call with anyone (I'm currently deep in the desert at Slab City, CA with very shitty cell-tower internet, so I wouldn't be able to test this with you for some time).

The Janus gateway itself has a number of demos that you may find useful, which showcase the Janus Gateway's features

* https://jangouts.opensourceecology.org/demos.html

For example, the Video Room demo is what Jangouts builds upon. It doesn't appear to have screen sharing built-in, but it does have the ability for users to publish & unpublish themselves, switching between the roles of "producer" or "consumer" and thereby affecting the bandwidth requirements (and ultimately the maximum number) of other participants.

* https://jangouts.opensourceecology.org/videoroomtest.html

Please play around with this. Once you've had a chance to test calls with it, let me know. Then I'll tear it down & use this free ec2 instance (which is currently running Centos) to build a test OSE Jitsi Meet server running off Debian.

Thank you,

Michael Altfield Senior System Administrator