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Jason Brooks <jas.brooks@gmail.com> date Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 1:42 PM subject Open Farm Tech Video mailed-by gmail.com

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Hi Marcin, meet Jason:

(07:25:00 PM) Josef Davies-Coates: check their blog and vids (07:25:24 PM) Josef Davies-Coates: they could do with a good vid for fundraising purposes (07:25:48 PM) Jason Brooks: hmmmmm (07:25:49 PM) Jason Brooks: yeah (07:26:14 PM) Jason Brooks: with lotsa swanky CG flyaround self-constructing modular blueprints I'd imagine (rather pleasantly)... (07:30:25 PM) Josef Davies-Coates: I like it! (07:30:58 PM) Jason Brooks: :-) (07:31:15 PM) Jason Brooks: I'll get on it...