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I'm not sure an "apprenticeship" is what I'm looking for, but I'm happy to fill this out anyway.

Jay Pee, 24, Male

3 Allequippa Pittsburgh, PA 15213

412 567 1448 wmjaypee@riseup.net

Can best be contacted during the day, Fridays and Mondays

Snapshot 20090530 10.jpg

I can't remember where I heard about the program, other than "somewhere on the internet a while back."

I'll be able to visit/volunteer/apprentice during this winter, I'll be rather busy all summer and fall.


Three areas of Interest

Product Ecologies

Rutgers School of Engineering, No degree attained, 2003-2004.

Landslide Community Farm, Oct 2007-Mar 2008 (guest), Oct 2008-present (board member)
Lorel Palmer Collective (member), April 2008-Oct 2008
Chicago Community Bicycle Project (volunteer), April 2008-Oct 2008,
Growing Power (paid intern), May 2007-Sept 2007
Serenity Construction (employee), Feb & March 2007
Before this are various retail foodservice/kitchen jobs
Food Not Bombs Chicago (volunteer), Oct 2005-December 2006

I've lived with new and unknown people in urban settings several times, I anticipate I will be just as or more able to do so in a rural area.

Can I pay for food? Most likely, the big issue would be transportation. Is there a grocery store within 20 miles?

Will I be able to visit... before I visit? Sure, I can visit twice.

I do not smoke.

I will eat nearly anything.

Including and especially your farm's meat.

My primary form of transportation is a mid 70s-vintage Schwinn LeTour. The farthest we've ever traveled together was Chicago to Pittsburgh.

Resources to support myself... What will I need? Are you talking about money, or shelter/tools? In any case I will have them.

Medical/emotional/psychological issues... I tend to sleep about 10-12 hours a day in the winter, when I will be most able to visit. Other than that no.

Other Considerations:

Special Interests:
Homebrewing, Bicycles, Linux

Do I have strong ideological views?
You could say that.

Three interesting things

three things folk oughta know

Other farms? As I said, I'm actively involved with Landslide Community Farm.

Rough accomodations do not worry me.

Claire Schoyer, email, 412 551 6957
Second Reference
Kathy Rosendefeld, kaybunnee@gmail.com, 773 835 4047