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Hi Jay,

I just saw your talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwWQoDSSuJw - and it resonates with what we do. What is your latest endeavor at this time? I'd like to explore if we can collaborate. We're developing training for an immersion program on the open source microfactory, which is an open source, distributive enterprise.

You can see more about our work at the Global Village Construction Set TED Talk.

Thanks, Marcin


Hey Marcin

Thanks for getting in touch. I've been a huge fan of Open Source Ecology ever since I found out about it some years ago.

The microfactory sounds really exciting! I'm also curious to know how the Open Building stuff is going - I did a lot of research myself into the housing field - was thinking to do something similar but mobile - my theory being that nomadic housing is the most future proof - as we can't predict what the whether or socio-economic forces that could make areas uninhabitable (this project on back burner for now). Nomadic Eco-housing presents some interesting design challenges, but I thrive on unreasonable constraints.

At present I'm living in Dahab, South Sinai. I'd love to have a chat to explore what opportunities there may be to collaborate.

Working on a number of ideas in parallel: Including:

Chill Beads - A human scale cooling system that uses evaporative cooling, and local materials to create a wearable cooling system for hot dry climates/seasons. Chill Box Converter - A variation on the above that can turn any cupboard/box, or container (including rooms), into a fridge or cooled space. Both of the above will be Open Source and be used as demonstrators for Open Source business models. May be useful for your house once I've tested the system.

Flash Garden A self irrigating container garden that uses local materials. Container aspect ensures that garden can adapt to unforeseen environmental factors, and that the garden infrastructures can grow and change as the garden does. Once I fill up the back yard I'll make it vertical. Plan on connecting this to a food delivery system, where households restaurants get the plants so fresh they're still growing, then return garden to farm once finished.

Experiments with local materials Given the huge amounts of sand, and solar energy abundance in Dahab, I'm planning for some solar sinter experiments this year. Also looking at DIY methods for clay firing (so chill bead projects, can come with their own production plan).

Open Design Processes Manual A tool for the mind. Methods and Processes that work to first help people Identify local problems and opportunities. Understand the root causes of the problem. Research different solutions, technologies and ideas. Assess how ideas relate to local ecosystem. Copy/Adapt/Create ideas based on this knowledge (and where necessary the tools that help them to do so) Share ideas, inspire others and profit from their work.

The above is a response to my experience with Fab Labs, Open Workshops, and various global environments I've encountered. While lack of tools is a problem, lack of imagination and blindness to problems means that even if tools and resources are present people don't pick them up! On the tail end, I know too many Open Source enthusiasts struggling to pay rent. Money and Attention are entwined, so cracking this element is also critical.

I see there being many potential areas for collaboration. Why don't we schedule a call, discuss it further and see what emerges. I'm generally free - just pursuing my own interests on a daily basis. Let me know when's good for you.

I look forward to talking further