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WHO are you?

True Fan since August, 2009

I don't remember if it was Twitter or Facebook where I first found this project, as I resisted using those until early in 2009. Perhaps it was a link through Appropedia which I found a bit earlier. Anyway, the OSE vision appears quite similar (and more evolved) to what I've been thinking since 1999 or so. Independent farms can support truly free people. The addition of open source hardware development including Linux driven CNC and 3D printing was new and exciting to me as I was trained in Mechanical Engineering; yet I have not worked in the field of product development since I became unimpressed with big companies making junk or worse (around the time I finished school). Instead, I started an internet hosting and consulting business and developed some (now outdated) open source tools for web development. At the same time, I experimented with various composting and gardening projects, and then later had some interesting taxi driving experience to broaden my views. Recently, I went back for some classes in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology thinking I might want to attempt med school - not likely at this point as the years are marching by quickly. I enjoyed filling in some knowledge gaps though!

OSE is a great project; possibly the next big thing, and I intend to help startup tiny manufacturing businesses to make useful tools with inspiration from the ideas here over time. Also, coincidentally with Marcin's research background, my brother is currently working on a radically simplified design for fusion power -

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