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See instructors for Summer X 2021


  • $8-11k/month for hauling
  • July
  • - David B South.
  • $7k for insulated, 16' diameter dome - with ring foundation and floor, and walls, with aircrete for insulation for foundation - and to build up floor - otherwise it's concrete with styrofoam. They take a cement mixer. Use wood mulch - in mixer so styrofoam goes down into it. Aircrete Harry does the styrofoam concrete. Wood mulch - shredded paper and styrofoam. 32 hours to make one of these domes by Aircrete Harry. You make the air form out of Tyvek. Lay out a patterm of masonite. Lay tyvek on top. 12 pieces stacked. Then you use angle iron, slit part way, as arches. Use a leaf blower. Plus flap on top, that controls the amount of air pressure. Grout - cement + sand stiffens it up. Use 8" styrofoam. Leave blower running until insulation layer is done.
  • 3 days for foundation and floor. 1 day form. 2 days insulated concrete. 6 days for a dome.
  • Form - uses rebar stakes - 1" long.
  • 8" masonite on top. Lines with Tyvek and polyethylene