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Jeffrey M. Wacheski <> to Marcin Jakubowski <>, date Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 5:35 PM subject RE: collaboration mailed-by

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hi again,.

I do indeed like and agree with most of what you appear to be on about,. human-scale, sustainable, appropriate tech., permaculture, organic, open source, freedom, less time 'working' for the man i.e. the pirate bankers,. voluntary cooperation, peace, social and economic justice.  My near term goal is to start on a village project with interested individuals, or join a group in progress,. however currently I am in a bit of debt,. just <10k and thus need to do some diggin' to get out from that,. I'm working on some video game ideas and hope to have something for sale very soon,. I have been releasing various freeware games and have a bit of name recognition and interest form indie game reporters and many players,. my first game was downloaded from my site 200k times in the first 6 months,. if I could have raised a dollar for each copy!  So now I am working with a new swedish game tool called ZGameEditor ( freeware and open source of course ;)  You can try the latest demo of it here [ ] just 40k for the whole game!! and i can compile it for MAC or Linux ! (great system from the scandinavians,.) get the newest ver. 017 currently,.
Anyhow I will continue to read your blog, and other sites, and if I see anywhere I can contribute I will not be shy,. I have some ideas for making some educational simulation games around permaculture,. and gardening in general,. . as well as energy production and systems balancing generally,,. let me know if you have any interesting projects that I could involve myself with in an online way,.
say, where are you geographically ? I could not find a description of your farm/village,. or is it still to come?  as I said eventually I may be able to join a project physically,. otherwise; I am a film school grad with experience in video documentary production,. and many media related projects,. one of my goals for the eco-village that I envision is education for the rest of the sleeping masses and net based video and other media is proving to be very cheep and powerful,.

some links of interest;  ( are you involved with this ? )  ( lots of great info,. ) ( a great model for open source tech.! )

peace, jph wacheski

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