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Meeting held regarding a restructuring of Innovere.


Housing project started. A group of us have begun work towards a business model of housing development in the KCMO area. The two-part plan consists of higher-quality newly built in-fill housing (building on lots within already developed neighborhoods) and renovation of abandoned homes. The premise being that banks tend to not lend on properties valued below $50,000 or less due to high fees. The scope of the plan focuses on areas that the median home value is below this $50,000 threshold. A small dense cluster of new homes/quality renovations creates an area of effect raising nearby home values above that $50,000 mark. The ultimate goal being a cascade effect in which homeowners can more easily receive private lending to purchase or refinance their existing homes.


Began new work at a business incubator called "Innovere." Innovere Innovere in it's current state is a mixed-use establishment in the Westside of Kansas City, MO. The 39,000 sqft facility houses one building with office space, a warehouse with multiple bay doors, and multiple paint booths (currently not in operation). In a separate building there is office space and a vehicle repair shop with several 4 point lifts. Working with Innovere are several construction related businesses, marketers, and inventors who work as part of the organization at least indirectly. The facility itself also hosts other tenants.


1 extra 3d printer purchased for spares and future build. 3D Print Workshop Cancelled 1 week prior to scheduled event due to lack of signups.


3D print workshop is two weeks away and still no signups.


Created Event Page for 3D printer workshop in Kansas City 2016.05.14 Event Link[1] My first attempt at a Distributive Enterprise