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Jan. Steam Camp Personal Notes

Day One: Experienced very poor fit of my linear bearings into the carriage housings.

Need to set z height calibrations.

Day 3 Log Reviewed Wiki usage documents etc. Ran calibration prints and temp calibration print in D3D-U. Reviewed Youtube tutorials on inkscape -> gcode. Pushed fresh install of media wiki to a dev server as a sandbox for possible improvements to OSE wiki.

Plotter: How to attach pen and paper? paper = magnets

For plotter set wall thickness very low.

D3D cura docuemnts on D3d U FAQ Inkscape- save as 3 axis g-code option… see jessica log.

Will need to add g-code to move the pen back onto the bed prior to starting drawing. Need to use g-29 (level bed)

Use inkscape to covert files into paths ->path menu ->obj to path = letters And trace bitmap -> use only 1 layer = image files Inkskape can do some of the conversions =

See don log for notes of plotter settings in

Steps per mm at 100 Layer check/ missing/ change thickness to 1.0 top, check'expert config' settinga no check on spiral contour bottom and top if already set to 1 in Basic and missing Filament size using 2.85 Check machine settings bed size (does not update with profile update)

Openscad… learn this… use libraries

Researching wiki for current CNC mill progress, looking for previous CAD that is usable to attach to D3D-U. Good Videos for FreeCad: Slicing parts from assemblies that are already created and have had their layers "flattened". FreeCad 0.18 PART WB using SLICE and SLICE APART

Day 4: Power Electroics - controling via pulse width modulation. Examples - light bulb, weld, motors. Reliable control of Arduino driven light dimmer - LED, then Use external power DC, Control a light bulb via AC. Basic theory.

Welder should give 5 minutes of welding

Day 5 Etching 2 peroxcide-1 acid - use new sharpie.


Pi Project

Wiki Notes:

Work log Thoughts page Taxonimy Projects - machine - module - etc.