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I'm a designer interested in open source technology, sustainability, etc. I'm currently thinking about starting a farm of sorts that will both sustainably produce it's own food and other goods, as well as act as a center for thinking about and creating social change through opening up various social processes (whether manufacturing, design, architecture, medicine, food).

I am considering using CEB to build some of the structures on the farm, and I wanted to know more about the CEB press project. What is the current progress?

How feasible is creating a building on your own using this technique?  I would

love to see the process.

It would be great to know more about the open source ecology project and possibly get involved.

On a side note, my current work is in a somewhat different vein, but you can see it at

Best, Jesse

Here is the contact info for the NMR project:

Alec Resnick or

Another friend is starting a free elementary school: