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Open license.

IP Notes

From the author:

Looking at all these inventors and their patents, one wonders if filing a patent is really worth it. Few if any of these trike designs have been a commercial success, and the whole patent filing process takes time and resources away from a fledgling business at a critical stage in its development. By comparison Greenspeed in Australia and Catrike in the US have been a huge success, by building brands not protecting intellectual property. This only reinforces my belief in open design. My personal view is that business success does not come from innovative technology so much as capturing a market for it -- and that comes down to marketing.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all stand on each others shoulders, so I encourage you to share what you know -- no matter how insignificant you might think it is -- it may just be that missing piece of the puzzle that helps someone else realize their dream and make it a reality.Os.png

OSE Notes

By analyzing author's conclusions - it appears that author arrived at the desire for open source on practical grounds of commercial success. Os.png