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My name is Jim Sargent and I am a home builder. My company anticipates building a couple of CEB homes this year in the Dallas, Tx area. We have looked at a manual press from India and the AECT press from San Antonio. We would be interested in starting a conversation to see if we have mutual areas of interest. I don't fully comprehend "Open Source"' but one of my sons seems to have a lot of good things to say about it. You might google AndersonSargent to understand where we are as a company. The 2 CEB homes will be part of a "Building America" project that has been approved. I suspect we have similar goals and interests. Jim Sargent

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Marcin Jakubowski Hello Jim, We are currently in the process of deploying and testing our machi...

Marcin, I doubt if we could be much help in LifeTrac, but we probably have the ability to build a CEB press. We have several old tractors that we could use for power. Some of our construction projects seem to draw a fair amount of attention. That may or may not be good. Jim Sargent