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New comment on your post #458 "Towards 1000 Global Villages - Factor e Live Distillations - Part 1" Author : Job S. Ebenezer (IP: , E-mail : URL  : Whois  : Comment: Hello:

I was introduced to your project by XXX XXXXXXX. I met XXX at a conference in San Francisco. I am thrilled to see a group like yours trying to build global villages May I request you to visit my web site to view some of the technologies that I promote. For example, instead of making bricks you can use the raammed earth technique. I built at a prison in New Mexico (Los Lunas) a studio apartment using rammed earth technique. As you know the adobe construction is the choice the Spaniards and Indians. At first they were skeptical about rammed earth but when they saw how much less time and labor it requires compared to adobe construction they were convinced. I also built a house in India with loose rice straw. You can view it on my web site.

I have also developed a Dual Purpose Bicycle which can be used for both transportation. You can also see this device on my web site as well as on by typing in the search box Dual Purpose Bicycle. This entry won me the finalists status

I also feel that due to lack of land for the city poor and for soil and water conservation, we sould look at growing at least vegetables in containers. Once again some of the urban gardens I established can be seen on my web site.

I would like to be a part of your movement.