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Wed Jun 24, 2020

  • Ship a Pro for $700 or so.
  • Sell 15 in 60 days - how streamlined is production.
  • Process mapping - to give an example - process to take things off a pallet etc. Line does sorting. Process optimization - oberve it, and make a flowchart that explains every single step.
  • Production - process engineering. Kaizen.
  • Process
  • "Catalog development"

First Discussion

  • Joe Fabian Log
  • Does a food program - and resistributes ready-to-eat meals
  • Full time as a sales rep for a pipe company
  • People are now producing food
  • Corn, squash, zone 9b, pemgranate, fig, date palm, 3 sisters, greens, zucchini,
  • Geek philosophically - for abundance economics. Invest trust, without it, can't test the model.
  • FB, Instagram, social media - is needed.
  • Joe has done little FB directly, as part of job of a wholesaler to be invisible.
  • talked to retailers about FB campaigns.
  • There are trade organizations for pipes.
  • Teaches how to do social media well, rather than
  • Small posts, frequently. For retailers.
  • Contact Hackerspaces Immediately - and 3D Printed Dome Connectors.
  • [1]
  • Rubber Duck Debugging - silicon valley guy - carried a rubber duck - explain the code to the duck.