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  • Backlog allows only pure creativity to happen
  • People work, and others talk about work
  • Agile keeps talkers involved, and workers' velocity protected
  • Person oversee porting OSE car here
  • Agile process: rule: as opposed to docuR&Dments, do conversation
  • Team WikiSpeed - 2-8 hours; couple 40 hours
    • Materials Science founder at MIT
    • Army colonel with largest R&D effort
    • Aerodynamics expert
    • Flow-based manufacturing and lean mfg expert
    • Auto electrical, assembly, drivability, testing, aestheticdesign indusry leaders
    • Race car engineers
    • Software developers passionate about world or car nuts
    • Guy who designs CNC machine;.Followup: CNC routers and foam. Stefan -
    • German trained machinist - micromachined Lou Merrick - ultra high precision - handed a hunk of iron to make precision cube. Make optically perfect. Special forces. Followup:
    • Tom Kelly - CNC guy
    • Seattle Guy - melting. Followup: ignite talk smelting casting.
    • Bioplastics - bioresins - Followup:

Team Wikispeed

  • Team liability waiver - Followup: what is it? Contribution: item from backlog that is completed.
  • Agile is 10 years old.
  • Count on team of 100? People do what they want? Get what they want to do aligned with what is worthwhile. Agile arms them.
  • Tyler Fullsome - principal investigator for microrobotics; robotics experts. He doesn't know other Team Wikispeed. Works on grant writing. Quest Integrated. Delivers on all types of Science grants. Also some autonomous vehicles
  • Rob Berrisford - knows other team members.