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Thurs January 12, 2023

Mon Nov 14, 2022

  • couldn't open lulzbot so stuck with ultimaker for now
  • It seems like the extruder gear is slipping on the filament even after I gave it more tension on the spring
  • extruder knocks randomly
  • nozzle leaks a lot and gets in the way of print, I tried all kinds of gcode to get that fixed still an issue
  • 230 was a mess, had to change it to 215 but at the end it stopped extruding
  • upgraded to marlin 2 here is zip

Wed-Fri Oct 20, 2022

-upgrading d3d pro to marlin --configuration.h and configuration_adv.h

Sat Oct 15, 2022

-fine tuned .4 nozzle --[1] -printed bearing for printer

Fri Jul 22, 2022

To get the FreeCAD badge - follow this - FreeCAD_Badge


What were the videos that you studied to learn FreeCAD? Please include links.
Was Lesson 3A and 3B from FreeCAD 101 sufficient? How could we improve the lessons so you can get the FreeCAD Badge faster?
  • More examples would be helpful but it's sufficient. Having one place to rule the OSE ecosystem would be a benefit I think, like one google doc where everything goes from, there's just so much and it's hard to find things sometimes.
How long did it take you to install FreeCAD 16?
  • under 5 minutes
How long did it take you to learn the skill to perform the Feature-on-a-Feature Exercise?
  • around 10 minutes to get my head around the feature on feature. It's a little blurry because I dove in and messed around with the program for a while trying to build things.

Thu Mar 4, 2021

D3D Pro New York

Mon Jan 4, 2020


Sat Jan 2, 2020

Overall manual - [2]

D3D Part Prints - [3]

D3D Pro Cura Guide - [4]

Fri Jan 1, 2020

Printing shakedown issues - [5]

Wed Dec 30, 2020

D3D Pro Wiring Guide

Tue Dec 29, 2020

Mac install of OSE Linux - [6]

Sat Dec 26, 2020

3D Printer Start Guide for Mac - [7]

Wed Dec 23, 2020


Wed Jul 29, 2020

Notes from 1 Hour Conversation - July 14, 2020