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With Jon Miller, Brian Weinberg

Jon Miller -

Brian Weinberg -

  • USA - 2 orgs that credential employers and school- dept of labor, dept of education
  • National Recognized certificate of apprentice - exportable employers
  • Employer route - apprentice is someone who works 30 hours per week. Earning at least 50% of fully qualified rate.
  • As edu - go through dept of Education
  • 3 options - edu - tuition up to a certain amount, can include room and board (or if it includes tuition-room-and-board), on-the-job,
  • They typically want to see a track record of success
  • Pays tuition, cash housing allowance, based on zip code. $1900/mo on top of tuition
  • Jon only dealt with employers
  • Warrior transition unit - deep into red tape - cost and impact on a younger person
  • Ex - concrete installer. Wrote the curriculum.
  • Develop work process
  • On-the-job training via VA. Similar - difference is pathway - not same credentialing. VA focus is healthcare. Don't talk to dept of labor.
  • MESE -
  • Fabrication
  • Wage question
  • Veteran GI - school route - tuition + room and board
  • As an on-the-job training - only room and board is paid
  • 2-6 month certification program
  • 36 month limit for GI bill
  • $1200-$2000 per month for veterans - + whatever employer pays
  • Veteran's complex

Jon Log

Jon Log.