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HintLightbulb.png Hint: FROM: User:groques It may be helpful to catalog the various podcasts MJ has been on throughout the years (e.g. survivalist podcast), and I'd be surprised if the list didn't already exist somewhere. Then you could perform "Podcasts similar to X", "Podcasts like X", etc. searches and a lot of times fans of that show will list related podcasts in forums like Reddit.

Fri Aug 7, 2020


  1. Start spreadsheet of college professors, faculty, staff that works on:
    1. Open Source
    2. Hydrogen
    3. Engineering-for-good
    4. Social enterprise
    5. Electric vehicles

ExtremeU Project


  1. Plan out a full schedule with logistics and details worked out. Create an implementation timeline for developing college clubs and the solar hydrogen car
  2. For the rest of my time working with OSE, help finish this schedule and layout the framework for the ExtremeU Project.


  1. The concept seems simpler than it is.
  2. There are a lot of logistical issues in terms of working around covid-19 to develop campus organizations. Most campus orgs are on pause until school is resumed. It's pretty hard to start new clubs and have successful first years. "generally" takes a little time to develop and gain members.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Podcast criteria spreadsheet:


Podcast Streaming Platforms

  1. Apple Podcasts:
  2. Breaker:
  3. Spotify:
  4. Castbox:
  5. Google Podcasts:
  6. Overcast:
  7. Pocket Casts:
  8. Podbean:
  9. Radio Public:
  10. Stitcher:
  11. TuneIn:
  12. Buzzsprout:
  13. ACast:

Podcast Platforms - Listings

  1. Top 31 hosting list -

Podcast Research Takeaways - Week 1

  1. Information on each podcast has been easy to find for the most part. The hardest part has been finding the contact information for the host/team. For podcasts that don’t publicly have a contact email, this might be a clear indication of their reluctance to collaborate with OSE. However, reaching out on social media never hurts to try.
  2. So far, Spotify and Google searches are eventually going to limit the number of podcasts I find by next week. We need to expand and look onto other platforms once these two search options are exhausted. I think this will be how I approach initial podcast searching. Moving from one platform to another and exhausting each one before moving on.
  3. It has taken me longer than expected to research the first 15 podcasts and log them onto the spreadsheet. I hope this process becomes easier and smoother as I get more used to researching podcasts.

Podcast Research Takeaways - Week 2

  1. I have discovered an easier approach to finding podcasts. Instead of moving one by one, compile a list of podcasts to research every night for the next day. Then work through it on the spreadsheet. It has helped me avoid getting trapped in just listening to the podcasts and not moving through the spreadsheet. It is also nice to relax at the end of the day and listen through multiple podcast episodes without having to do much data entry.
  2. Complied a longer list of Podcast Keywords with these links from Marcin:
  3. Need to start setting definitive goals for each week to move through the spreadsheet. Marcin and I decided on the goal to reach out to 100 podcasts by July 20, 2020. We also decided the best approach, for now, is a targeted "the more the better" search.
  4. Goal for week 3: Reach 50 researched podcasts on the spreadsheet(27 more) and email 10 collective podcasts with Joe

Podcast Research Takeaways - Week 3

  1. Reached goal to list 50 relevant podcasts on the spreadsheet.
  2. New goal for next week: Email as many listed podcasts with quality emails as possible.

Podcast Keywords

Open source, Engineering, Future society, Society, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit, Science, New keywords, Builder, Creator, Village, Construction, Makers, Open Design, Design community, Global village construction, Repair, Software, Open-source software, Sustainable, Survival, Ecology, Environment, 3D printing, Circular economy, Technology, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Scarcity, Artificial scarcity, Lifestyle, Farm, Agriculture, Positive Future, PPE, collaborative design, ecohousing, Permaculture , Post carbon

Email Mock Drafts

Hello Open During Construction Production Team,

My name is Josh Fong and I am apart of Open Source Ecology team to help develop new ways to find innovators and makers to collaborate with.

The mission of Open Source Ecology is to create an open-source economy, an economy that optimizes both production and distribution, while providing environmental regeneration and social justice. Through the new social relationships made possible by communications technology and the unprecedented accessibility of real, DIY industrial capacity offered by technologies like high-performance 3d printing, every community and innovator can have access to all the tools needed to build an entire civilization from scratch. We have been working on a project to develop such a tool kit since 2007. We call it the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). Many of our designs have already been prototyped and proven.

With that being said, we have found great interest in the Open During Construction podcast as our GVCS can offer a unique City-building approach that your listeners may have never heard about before. We would love to invite you and your listeners to consider how collaborative development can create an entirely new kind of wealth, genuine abundance.

Open Source Ecology’s founder and director, Marcin Jakubowski, would love to be a guest on your podcast and discuss the development of the Global Village Construction Set! We have provided a link to Marcin’s TedTalk about Open Source Ecology's Global Villiage Construction Set below:

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Marcin is free anytime from July 1st onwards and would love to be a guest on your show!


Josh Fong, Open Source Ecology