Journey to Forever

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The Biodiesel Reaction

Journey to Forever was an overland expedition through Asia and Africa to Cape Town in 1999 by project members Midori Hiraga and Keith Addison. A permanent website was set up for this expedition and remains popular. It features many articles with a focus on appropriate technology, sustainable energy, sustainable farming, family nutrition and local self-reliance. The website has numerous articles, under the following sections: Community development, Rural development, City farms, Organic gardening, Composting, Small farms, Small farms library, Biofuels, Biofuels library, Solar box cookers, Trees soil and water, HOMeR, Seeds of the world, Appropriate technology, Project vehicles. There is a Small Farms Library and a Biofuels Library. The most popular article is "Make your own biodiesel". The information from the website about biodiesel was later published in expanded form in a book by the title "The Biodiesel Bible".

"The aim is to help people fight poverty and hunger, in this richest-ever world where there's more food than there's ever been before – more food per capita than most people could eat – and to give individuals everywhere the means to opt out of the vicious global economic system that rules our planet and is destroying it."