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Tue Jun 17,2014

  • Arrived to Mid State Technical College
  • Got a crash course in welding
  • Started the build and weld of the CEB Brick Press Workshop

Mon Jun 16, 2014

  • Prepared for the workshop by doing inventory and finishing the Main Cylinder Assembly Module.
  • Got to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

Fri Jun 13, 2014

  • Worked more with the 3d printers.
  • Learned how to weld.

Thu Jun 12,2014

  • Redid the Main Cylinder Assembly Presentation.
  • Worked on 3D printing, still some bed leveling issues that are going to be addressed tomorrow.
  • Assisted in the cabin renovation. [1]
  • Put up some of the soffits. [2]

Wed Jun 11,2014

  • Kept working on the main cylinder assembly presentation.
  • Made an Instructional Manual on 3D Printing the Bushing Holders.
  • Worked on the pool assembly [3]
  • Printed the fist test of the Bushing Holder on a 1/4 of the scale. [4]

Tue Jun 10,2014

  • Continued work on the presentation of the Main Cylinder Assembly
  • Continued work on the 3D Printers
  • Made an instructional on going from sketchup to stl. to g.code to 3D-Printing using a plug in and slic3r.
  • Succesfully 3D-printed tests such as a shot glass and octopus from the 3D printer I have been working on. [5] [6] [7]
  • Everything is ready to start printing parts of the CEB Brick Press

Mon Jun 9,2014

  • Worked on the Instructional Manual on the Main Cylinder Assembly
  • Leveled a 3D-Printer
  • Ran Bed Level Check tests
  • Successfully printed my first 3D print. A metal tubing with holes.

Fri Jun 6,2014

  • Continued work on the Main Cylinder Assembly
  • Organized the Workshop
  • Finished the frame of the Prototype 2 of the CNC Torch table

Thurday Jun 5,2015

  • Continued working on the instructional of the main cylindrical assembly
  • Began and almost finished the frame work on the prototype 2 of the CNC Torch Table. Learned and used an abrasive saw. Time Lapse video coming soon [8] [9] [10]

Wed Jun 4,2014

  • Began working on the Main Cylinder Assembly Module Instructional Guide.

  • Started documenting the how to begin using the CNC torch table [11].
  • Assisted in digging the ground and instillation of barriers for new garden [12].
  • Finished the CEB Brick Press re-installation. Wen from [13] to [14] in three hours.
  • Assisted in the new router instillation.
  • Worked in the calibration of the 3D printer.

Tue Jun 3,2014

  • Officially got assigned all of the roles of the CEB Brick Press. Went through the whole assembly and every module in detail. [15]
  • Was assigned the Main Cylinder Assembly [16]
  • Fixed a number of extension cords
  • Downloaded the necessary programs for the 3D Printer.
  • Wrote down the steps for windows download in the Collaborative Architecture Google Slides.
  • Worked with the 3D Printer. [17]
  • With the assistance of Anthony, leveled the 3D Printer and ran some tests. [18]

Mon Jun 2,2014

  • Planned out roughly the three month program at open source ecology. This includes the brick press workshop at Midstate Tech College, Renewable Energy Fair, Gasifier Burner, Microhouse, Microcar, CNC Torch Table Workshop, and many others.
  • Downloaded the programs necessary with tutorials and survival crash courses to Sketch-up and FreeCAD.
  • Toured the site with Marcin. [19]
  • Dismounted the frame of a power cube along with the hydraulic hoses. [20] [21] [22]
  • Assisted in the dismounting of the CEB Brick Press.
  • Learned how to fix broken extension cords. [23] [24]
  • Learned how to solder. [25]
  • Got a quick course on first aid. [26]
  • Plowed and planted edamame, jalapenos, bush green beans, and tomatoes. [27]

Sun Jun 1, 2014

  • Arrived at Open Source ecology.
  • Toured the site, got to meet everybody, and received an Intro on the Summer Internship Program.