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Exciting updates for July 2017. The days of artificial scarcity are numbered, as OSE continues development, and Open Building Institute (OBI) gets closer to public tours of the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse.

1. After we designed the world's simplest 3D Printer - we are beginning a regular schedule of 3D printer workshops which we will also take to other locations. We have our next workshop on August 12, 2017 - when we will also build a 6 foot tall printer during this workshop:


2. Next week we publish our next workshop announcement for the CEB Press 2017. This time around, there are 2 advancements. First, that we will be using our own open source CNC torch table to cut the steel. Second, we are moving towards a soil conditioner that allows us to mix soil perfectly for making perfect bricks. So we can offer them for sale and as an enterprise model that can be replicated widely around the world. Keep your eyes out on http://opensourceecology.org for this next announcement.

3. We would like to print aquaponic towers, polycarbonate glazing, fence posts, plumbing, and lastic lumber for the the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse. However, 3D printing filament costs $10 per pound, so this is not economically feasible. To solve the cost issue - why not make our own plastic filament for 13 cents per pound? To do this, we are moving forward on a prototype of a 3D printing filament maker that can recycle scrap plastic to turn it into 3D printing filament.


4. Our Roadmap for 2017 ends with a big bang as we culminate our workshops with the largest machine build to date. We are planning a 1 day build of 100 3D printers - in a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. This is the location where we will seamlessly blend consumerism with lowsumerism:


5. After that, we will build our open source tractor in Saudi Arabia as well, in 3 days. Talking about lowsumerism - check out this awesome introduction to the concept, which also points to the shortcomings of the sharing economy, and points to the need of a shift in consciousness. Well done.


6. Want to help prototype the filament maker, CNC torch table, or next iteration of the tractor? Join our official Development Team, which is growing since its February start:


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Evolve to freedom, Marcin