June 2018 OSEmail

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are at the 10 year mark of the Global Village Construction Set - and we are 33% done. Read the blog post for the historical perspective - with an updated graph of completion:


The ten years were filled with learning, and the next step is livelihood creation. We thus started our first ever 5 week immersion program - a merit-based OSE Fellowship for doing something extraordinary while working with OSE full time. See the announcement for that - and please pass this on to any likely candidates:


And we are now running regular Extreme Manufacturing workshops, starting with the Desktop Microfactory. We are moving on to heavy machines next year - while running on a regular as opposed to ad hoc schedule. We are also training people to work with OSE part time, running these workshops. This will happen in our first ever OSE Boot Camp - see this video from today:


Please spread the word. If you'd like to sign up for a 3D printer build, we will be hosting the next one in Eugene, Oregon - then Kansas City and Chicago. And many more to come once we train our people. See the current events at https://www.opensourceecology.org/workshops-and-programs/

For more regular updates, we are transitioning to phpList as email software - so stay tuned for more regular updates. If you wish to unsubscribe, please use the form at


Thanks, Marcin