Justin Decker

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  • ufire.co
  • Raspberry pi
  • Apps, electrical engineer - self taught
  • Degree Korean - for the military.
  • Could do power controller for the cordless welder.
  • Currently a police officer; would like to transition to open source product development
  • Closed up ufire.co because of competition.
  • Familiar with circuit etching, but hasn't done a plotter.
  • Knows motors and their control, but not how to make them.
  • Collaborative -
  • Financial freedom -
  • Open source - Atlas Scientific - ignored them. It was a letter from CEO threatening to go after. Prior to cease. This was couple months ago. Took down his stuff. Completely designed it from scratch from open source technology. Took liability away from Justin. If closed. Thinks claim is baseless.
  • BC it came from open source, Justin did it open source. Original reason was to have hydroponic garden.
  • pH probe for $20 - otherwise $100+ from Atlas, just reselling Chinese manufactured probe. No value added. Hardware to read a probe is no big deal. Tjey hold patents for reading conductivity and pH probe. Minimal change - is patentable. Conductivity - yes, they came up with a way to come up with. Anyone with basic electrical.
  • Caught attention - machines. Tractor and bulldozer.
  • Justin - best customers are outside of the USA. Best customer is from Kenya. Friend thinks that liability, practicality - they'll choose a John Deere because that's what they know. In another country that doesn't have as much - than or nothing.
  • Supercooperator - before police, was in army - part of team work in adult working life - build whatever is required.
  • Open Source - self taught - learned eveything from OS - no closed source mentality - 10. No interest otherwise. OSHWA certification.
  • Documenting/teaching - always considered that second half of development.
  • Willing to do 3dp - been on bucket list. Do want to learn.
  • KiCad - knows it. Upverter is what he uses. Easier interface. Gives more footprints. Github has some footprints. Maybe chip manufacturer, etc. Sort of in the wild. It's inconvenient. Associate symbols and prints.