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Time Logs & Line Graph

Time Logs (Prior to use of graph pluggin)

Time Zone: CDT

Time Log 02021-05-10 | MON

2021-05-10 22:08: Simplified parts gallery of https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/File:9footdoubledoor.FCStd

Total time: 20m

Time Log 02021-05-06 | THU

2021-05-06 14:28: Have simplified the parts gallery of https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/File:9footdoorpanel.FCStd to show only one of each part and quantity of said part.

Total Time: 2h 6m

Time Log 02021-05-03 | MON

2021-05-03 17:26:04: Uploaded preview image files in https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD , under 'Wall Modules' and 'Wall Parts'

Total Time: about 1h

Time Log 02021-04-12 | MON

2021-04-12 08:04: Locating files needed...

2021-04-12 08:39: Uploaded more part image files for Foundationonly.fcstd

2021-04-12 09:02: Uploaded remaining image files.

Total Time: 1h 0m

Time Log 02021-03-27 | SAT

2021-03-27 10:54: Beginning task of rendering preview .png files from foundationonly.FCStd files

2021-03-27 14:34: Signing off for now. Have uploaded some of the .png files, but spent most of my time trying to decode the essoteric wiki language of Markup. Always confuses me.

Total Time: 3h 40m

Time Log 02020-03-24 | WED

2021-03-24 15:02: Starting day's work on Seed Home files...

2021-03-24 15:23: Have been inserting file names into page, taking a break.

2021-03-24 16:20: Back to it.

2021-03-24 17:20: Have uploaded all FCStd part files of Foundationonly.FCStd

Total Time: 1h 21m

Time Zone: CST

Time Log 02020-03-04 | THU

Uploaded de-constructed module and thumbnails to OSE Wiki.

Total Time: About 30 minutes.

Time Log 02021-03-03 | WED

Time spent not recorded in as much detail as on other days.

Time spent communicating with OSE group on Facebook, choosing a viable Seed Home module for deconstruction, de-constructing chosen module and exporting .png thumbnails.

Total Time: about 2 hours.

Time Log 02021-02-26 | FRI

2021-02-26 14:50: Have begun OSE Seed Home v2 tasks...

2021-02-26 14:51: Am attempting to install Exploded Assembly workbench...

2021-02-26 18:28: Have exported all part files from 9footmediumwindow, will upload into parts gallery tomorrow.

Total Time: 3h 38m

Time Log 02021-02-21 | SUN

2021-02-21 15:16: Started OSE tasks about 20 minutes ago.

2021-02-21 15:17: Currently extracting parts from 9footdoorpanel.FCStd

2021-02-21 16:48: Completed and uploaded 9footdoorpanel.FCStd parts gallery and thumbnails.

2021-02-21 16:50: Taking a short break...

2021-02-21 16:57: back.

2021-02-21 16:57: checking Facebook group for updates

2021-02-21 17:05: Updated group page log

2021-02-21 17:30: Updating time logs wiki.

Total Time: 2h 15m

Time Log 02021-02-20 | SAT

2021-02-20 09:08: Have begun OSE tasks for today

2021-02-20 10:30: Have been doing some research and asking questions on the Facebook page regarding Wikimedia formatting of the parts files pages

2021-02-20 10:38: Taking a break.

2021-02-20 12:55: Returned to work station. Will now break down another FreeCAD module file.

2021-02-20 14:13: Added thumbnails to https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/File:9footdoubledoor.FCStd#Parts_Gallery

2021-02-20 14:13: Attending to personal matters.

2021-02-20 17:17: Continuing, now breaking down 8footwindow.FCStd into parts.

2021-02-20 18:29: Have parted out bits 1 - 14 of 9footdoorpanel. Calling it a day.

Total Time: 3h 6m

Time Log 02021-02-19 CST | FRI

2021-02-19 11:07: Have started day's OSE activities

2021-02-19 12:27: Have added label to parts files list, replied to facebook posts, attended to some personal matters.

2021-02-19 12:32: Moving on to other, non-OSE related things.

Total Time: about 1 hour, factoring out breaks.

Time Log 02021-02-13 | SAT

2021-02-13 21:53: Starting.

2021-02-13 22:02: Input time tracking information about previous day's efforts

2021-02-13 22:03: Am now attempting to upload thumnail images of https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/images/e/e6/Plumbing_on_slab.fcstd

2021-02-13 22:21: Thumbnails successfully uploaded.

2021-02-13 22:22: Enough for now.

Total Time: 29m

Summary: Completed the file uploading format I started yesterday, by correcting copied/pasted file date and by uploading file thumbnail images.

Time Log 02021-02-12 | FRI

Uploaded individual parts from https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/File:Plumbing_on_slab.fcstd

Time was not as rigorously tracked today as on previous days.

About 2 hours worth.

Time Log 02021-02-09 | TUE

2021-02-09 13:37: Beginning day's tasks.

2021-02-09 13:38: Re-arranged time-log postings so that more recent days are displayed at top of page.

2021-02-09 13:45: Updated contact information

2021-02-09 13:46: Reviewing file upload templates and instructions

2021-02-09 13:52: Attempting to edit page '9 Foot Double Door placeholder'

2021-02-09 13:56: From https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Uploading_SweetHome3D_Files: "Note that .sh3d files are already zipped. Since this wiki doesn't accept .sh3d file extensions - but it accepts .zip - simply replace .sh3d with .zip and upload as if the file were a zip file. After download, simply change the .zip to .sh3d, and everything will work as needed." Peaches and chocolate cake.

2021-02-09 14:40: Have been learning format for uploading files to wiki pages.

2021-02-09 14:43: Am now going to create template page in my personal log.

2021-02-09 15:49: Have uploaded all the files, will now create the preview jpegs.

2021-02-09 16:00: Attending to personal matters.

2021-02-09 16:51: Continuing tasks.

2021-02-09 17:50: Still getting it done.

2021-02-09 18:00: have uploaded several of the png thumbnails, am taking a short break.

2021-02-09 18:19: Returned about 5 minutes ago, taking another short break.

2021-02-09 18:57: Have completed process of uploading all files and .pngs into gallery page, will upload gallery page into main wiki soon. For now, taking a break to attend to some personal matters.

2021-02-09 19:05: Have cleaned up the parts gallery a bit by removing the redundant display of the png file name.

2021-02-09 19:05: Now I'll go and have a break.

2021-02-09 20:41: Have been back at this for a bout 10 minutes. Checking Facebook to make sure I have not missed any important information regarding the project.

2021-02-09 20:49: Have signed out of FB, am now updating time logs.

Total Time: 4h 45m

Time Log 02021-02-08 | MON

2021-02-08 10:59: Beginning today's tasks.

2021-02-08 11:54: Took the Orientation Assessment. Tech Team Culturing Survey seems to be broken.

2021-02-08 12:06: Working on Project Checklist

2021-02-08 12:50: Markdown checklist not possible in MediaWiki, apparently. Moving on to focus on checklist content.

2021-02-08 13:16: Have already spent more than an hour on the checklisting attempt, will set aside for now and focus on the actual tasks at hand.

2021-02-08 13:59: Have been attempting to understand the formatting of the Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD wiki page, am finding that I am only just now understanding the layout. Seems there has been some work done by others recently.

2021-02-08 14:00: Attempting to locate modules not already broken down into individual parts...

2021-02-08 14:17: Have only just now not only successfully opened a freeCAD file downloaded from the wiki page, but have figured out what is necessary to do this successfully. Seems that FreeCAD cannot access the drive where I store all of my files, so had to save the file onto my desktop.

2021-02-08 14:18: Now to break down the file into separate parts. Currently working on 9footdoubledoorplaceholder.FCStd

2021-02-08 15:22: Have been breaking down 9footdoubledoorplaceholder.FCStd into constituent components, have established efficient workflow for doing so.

2021-02-08 15:27: Uploaded time log so far, taking break.

2021-02-08 15:52: Returning from break.

2021-02-08 16:02: Am still breaking down 9footdoubledoorplaceholder.FCStd. I am as far as part #32 of 42.

2021-02-08 16:14: All 42 parts have been exported to their own individual FreeCAD files.

2021-02-08 16:15: Now will zip files folder and identify location to upload to.

2021-02-08 16:33: Have not located the upload page yet. Checking back through email chain to make sure I did the correct task.

2021-02-08 17:05: Have determined how to upload files: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Uploading_Files_to_Wiki

2021-02-08 17:33: Have made attempt to upload files, but did something seriously incorrect with the formatting. Have corrected the mistake to the best of my ability, but will need to try again. Am tired, will try to do it properly tomorrow.

2021-02-08 17:33: Taking a break

2021-02-08 17:37: Returned from break.

2021-02-08 17:37: Uploading timelog.

Total Time: 6h 9m

Summary: Made progress, I feel. Converted an entire FreeCAD assembly file into its constituent parts. Have not yet successfully uploaded the file. Made attempt to create a checklist for tracking progress on the full CAD models of the Seed Home v2, was unsuccessful. Also attempted to complete Orientation Assessment.

Goodbye. 17:45

Time Log 02021-02-07 | SUN

2021-02-07 12:21: Starting day's tasks

2021-02-07 12:31: In OSE Linux, attempted to export SweetHome door into OBJ format, program crashed.

2021-02-07 12:32: Starting lunch

2021-02-07 14:11: Had lunch, attended to personal matters.

2021-02-07 14:12: Attempting to import OBJ file into FreeCAD

2021-02-07 15:06: Sent message

2021-02-07 15:06: Have also attempted to install proprietary graphics driver.

2021-02-07 15:09: taking short break, hopefully with no interuptions.

2021-02-07 15:17: Composing message

2021-02-07 15:52: Checked facebook page to see if included in discussion group yet

2021-02-07 15:59: Sent message

2021-02-07 16:00: Taking a short break

2021-02-07 16:03: Back

2021-02-07 17:03: Composed and sent a message, made rough checklist on the wiki page. Taking a short break.

2021-02-07 17:10: back.

2021-02-07 17:14: Attempting to open OBJ files in FreeCAD once again

2021-02-07 17:24: Attempted to open ruler model in SweetHome 3D for scaling testing in Blender, caused system to crash. Will now move over to regular operating system.

2021-02-07 17:29: Regular operating system up.

2021-02-07 17:44: Have been importing ruler model into SweetHome to confirm Blender re-scaling, scaling seems correct.

2021-02-07 17:44: Starting supper.

2021-02-07 18:22: Supper done.

2021-02-07 18:38: Attempted to import SweetHome generated furniture OBJs into FreeCAD, results in an empty space with no objects.

2021-02-07 18:44: Downloading Blender BIM

2021-02-07 18:44: Checking online documents regarding FreeCAD importing

2021-02-07 18:48: Found solution to issue, possibly: https://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?t=17201#p135626

2021-02-07 19:14: Forum posted soluion did not solve the issue.

2021-02-07 19:19: Cannot currently import furniture into FreeCAD models.

2021-02-07 19:20: Calling this a day, will try again tomorrow.

2021-02-07 19:23: Or I might take a break for a few minutes and then try focussing on the FreeCAD file breakdown process.

2021-02-07 19:37: Sent reply message, am uploading time log.

Total Time: 4h 48m

Summary: Still trying to import furniture into FreeCAD models from SweetHome 3D, have not had success. Did a sloppy first attemot at making a checklist for the group to use. Will start tomorrow with some basic personal administrative stuff but will try to focus on FreeCAD modeling of the FreeCAD parts. Calling it a day, goodnight.

Time Log 02021-02-06 | SAT

2021-02-06 07:55: Beginning day's tasks

2021-02-06 08:16: composed and sent email

2021-02-06 08:34: Attempted joining of Facebook group for purpose of logging progress, Have opened 9footwalls.FCStd

2021-02-06 09:07: Have saved a part ('half2x6 027.png.FCStd') in a separate file from '9footwalls.FCStd'.

2021-02-06 09:17: Have downloaded and installed SweetHome3D. Called up 3D model of a horse and navigated around it. Sweet.

2021-02-06 09:19: Returning to OSE wiki to gather SweetHome files of Seed Home v2.

2021-02-06 09:52: Attempted to launch SweetHome files from wiki in SweetHome3D, failed due to outdated version. Attempted to install latest version of SweetHome, failed due to wrong graphics driver. Downloaded latest graphics driver, not sure yet how to install. Will work on FreeCAD files instead.

2021-02-06 09:53: Taking break...

2021-02-06 10:05: Attending to personal matters.

2021-02-06 12:35: composing message reply.

2021-02-06 12:44: sent message

2021-02-06 12:47: Attending to personal matters.

2021-02-06 19:56: Continuing with day's tasks.

2021-02-06 21:00: Sent message.

2021-02-06 21:03: Taking break...

2021-02-06 21:52: Back to it.

2021-02-06 21:53: Have SweetHome 3D running properly.

2021-02-06 22:30: Have gotten one of the SweetHome furnitures to open in Blender.

2021-02-06 23:28: Have been attempting to import SweetHome furnitures info FreeCAD from Blender. Confused.

2021-02-06 23:28: Calling it a day.

Total Time: 6h 50m

Summary: Slowly making progress. Getting close to having everything working properly. Still a lot of difficulty and confusion using the software tools; will attempt it again tomorrow using the tools made available in OSE Linux.

Time Log 02021-02-05 | FRI

2021-02-05 16:11: Starting day's efforts.

2021-02-05 17:45: Just managed to get a major FreeCAD file to open. I can probably move forward now.

2021-02-05 17:46: Reviewing email chain to better understand tasks.

2021-02-05 17:58: Making analog written notes of activities.

2021-02-05 18:18: am replying to group thread email

2021-02-05 18:55: pausing efforts.

2021-02-05 19:10: returned.

2021-02-05 19:53: Have completed and sent email.

2021-02-05 20:02: Updated OSE wiki personal time log

2021-02-05 20:11: Calling it a day.

Total time: 4h 4m