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From: http://justinemusk.com/2011/01/04/ego-vs-soul/

ego vs soul

The ego is about image. The soul is about authenticity.

The ego can’t take constructive criticism. The soul seeks it out and welcomes it.

The ego confuses itself with the work. The soul stands apart from the work.

The ego wants to be seen as the best. The soul wants to keep getting better.

The ego is about the number of fans and followers. The soul is about relatedness and community.

The ego wants to be famous. The soul wants to start a movement.

The ego is all about me. The soul promotes self through serving others.

The ego tries to control the message. The soul trusts the message to take on a life of its own.

The ego talks. The soul looks and listens.

The ego is closed off. The soul is open and transparent.

The ego competes and dominates. The soul co-creates.

The ego lives from scarcity. The soul lives from abundance.

The ego cares only about the end performance. The soul is in love with the process.

The ego contracts. The soul expands.

The ego is spam. The soul is useful content.

The ego is hollow. The soul contains multitudes.