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The KL-1212 is a three axis (XYZ) CNC router with a 48in x 48in cutting area with an accuracy and repeatability within 0.002in.

Parts of the CNC Router

The machine consists of:

  • Base table; provides a flat horizontal surface for the material to be cut; has recessed T-track grooves to accommodate hold down hardware; has a "spoil board" surface - a sheet of MDF
  • Gantry; spans across the table; moves the cutting tool in the Y-axis (front/back) direction
  • Toolhead assembly; moves the cutting tool in the X-axis (left/right) direction
  • Z slide; part of the Toolhead assembly; moves the cutting tool in the Z-axis (up/down) direction
  • Water-cooled Spindle; a more powerful and quieter tool than, and used in place of, a router. Connected to a Variable Frequency Driver which controls the Spindle's speed
  • Controller box, which connects to the computer that is supplying the cutting instructions, and contains a Parallel Port Break Out Board, a SmoothStepper Ethernet Board, Variable Frequency Drive, 4 Stepper Motor Drivers, and a Power Supply
  • Fountain pump and water reservoir; keeps the spindle from overheating
  • Step Up/Down Transformer; Changes mains voltage to 220v; The control box plugs into this
  • Controller Computer running Mach3 machine control software; Connects via ethernet cable to the SmoothStepper board inside the Controller Box and sends instructions for the CNC Route movements

Quick Start Guide

Plug the Step Up/Down Transformer in to 110v mains power. Plug the power cable from the back of the Controller Box into the outlet marked 220v on the Step Up/Down Transformer. Plug in the small black wall transformer with the thin wire leads from the back of the Controller Box into 110v mains power.

Fill the Coolant Reservoir (light green plastic tub) with water to about 1 inch above the top of the water pump. Dump and replace the water if it is dirty or has sawdust or other contaminants in it.

Open the Controller Box and locate the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in the top center of the box. Turn the Spindle Speed Control knob on the front of the VFD counterclockwise as far as it will go. Close the door to the Controller Box.

There are three buttons on the top of the Controller Box - Emergency Stop, Power, and Spindle/Water Pump. To power on the CNC Router, push the middle (Power) button.

Plug in the ethernet cable from the back of the Controller box into the Controller Computer's ethernet port. Double click the Mach3 machine profile file named "KL-1212" which is on the computer's desktop. Mach3 should launch.

"Homing" is the calibration process which the Controller Software uses to find out where the toolhead is in relation to the base table. To home the CNC Router: first make sure there are no obstructions on or near the table that would get in the way of the CNC Router's normal movements. Click the "RESET" button the lower left side of the Mach3 screen which enables movement of the table. Click the "Ref All Home" button in the upper middle of the screen to run the Homing script. The CNC Router will start to move immediately, so stay clear while the homing is in progress.

When the CNC Router movement stops and the coordinates on the Mach3 screen reads all ZEROES (+0.0000) for all axes, the machine is ready to run a cut file, however it is a good idea to warm up the Spindle before cutting anything. Cutting with a cold spindle will shorten the life of the bearings and cause a premature failure of the Spindle.

To warm up the Spindle, first turn on the power to the Spindle/Water Pump by pushing the right most button on the top of the Controller Box. Check the Coolant Reservoir to confirm that the Water Pump is running. Water should start to flow out from the return tube. After confirming that the Water Pump is working, replace the lid on the Coolant Reservoir and open the Controller Box. Turn the Spindle Speed Control knob on the VFD about half way until the readout shows approximately 150, which should set the Spindle speed at around 9,000 rpm. The Spindle will start rotating immediately. Let the Spindle run at 9,000 rpm for 10 to 15 minutes. At the end of the warm up routine, turn the Spindle Speed Control back to ZERO and push the right most button on top of the Controller Box to cut power to the Spindle.


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