Kakwa Ecovillage Planning

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Mar 10, 2014

  1. Backup on not finishing - finishing fabrication.
  2. May event - lecture at University; University of Upper British Columbia.
  3. Local fab infrastructure.

Local fabrication in Prince George. Edmonton + Vancouver. 2000 sf requirement - building a shelter - covered. Shelter can be made. But working surfaces? Welding tables? Outstanding issue.

4x8 of 1/4" = 320 $320. One equivalent welding surface.

UNBC - U Northern British Columbia.

MOU is next step - critical cutoffs - number of people, welding tables, workshop up, parts in. Fee for food included in admission price.

March 1 Budget

Spreadsheet with Russ - [1]. Currently planning two 5 day events, 24 people in full house - Russ thinks we should not have an issue filling the workshop up.