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My nephew, Ken Duke, is 21 years old, and if you are interested, I am going to suggest that he could come stay with you and possibly work for you.

Ken has a kind of unique situation: he has pretty mild cerebral palsy (induced by abuse when he was an infant), and has been struggling to live on his own in "regular" society. But, he is perfectly capable of doing any labor task (just maybe not as fast as most people)

He's really interested in technology, and worked for a defense contractor here in Lansing as a welder and vehicle assembly technician for a while. Knowledgeable in all areas of welding, electricity, and would work hard for you, and learn anything you might be able to teach him about anything your are doing.

If you are interested, I would sponser his trip to come stay and work with you, and he would work for you in exchange for room/board/food (he has no money of his own right now). Please let me know if you are interested, or we could talk via phone if needed. I really appreciate your consideration.

I've been following your blog, and am really encouraged by the work you all are doing down there.

Sam Rose