Ken Kesslin

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  • It's about listening to people
  • Historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many - writes off 3/4 of the population.
  • Best teams are not frictionless - they know how to manage friction.
  • Need conflict to have best things
  • Rowhouse in South Philadelphia
  • Ken wants to build his own home
  • Very interested in crowd build
  • Sees it fascinating to do 3D printed housing
  • Loves being a coach - personally and professionally rewarding
  • It's soul-killing if you take system too seriously
  • If I solve x or y, we will get there. No.
  • I'm not patient for the psychological journey of what's ahead
  • How do I make the 3D printer - but - all that the 3D Printer Could make.
  • With these few things, you can make 80% of the things on amazon.
  • You know this 3D printer? You can make these things for 1000x less - use Joshua's paper.
  • We're not good at helping people feel the benefit of where we are secure and have freedom to pursue true passion. People mean it, but aren't yet convinced that it's possible.
  • "In my world, edu is the product"
  • "What stopped Ken was not able to do the CAD"
  • Partner say with a university - they populate the STEAM Camp. Partner with people.
  • So how do we make it easy.