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Apr 14, 2024

From Ken:

Currently I am focussing on writing on to keep the fires burning before eventually being able to get back to open source hardware full-time.

Here are a few articles I've published and will continue talking about open source hardware and related topics:ébédo-francis-kéré-729d9fa9f03e

I'm currently taking a course on being a virtual assistant, as a stepping stone to the ultimate goal, which of course is being able to make a living out of making, using and teaching about open source hardware. As a virtual assistant I could take over the management of the Open Source Ecology's Instagram account as part of my training, for free of course. As a VA I could help grow the account, increasing followers, posting relevant photos and creating content for the account on a regular basis.

This is my VA Elevator Pitch:

"I support entrepreneurs and small business owners remotely, with Email Marketing, lead generation and Social Media Management, helping to free up their time so that they can focus on what matters most to grow their businesses".

I believe I could help grow the Open Source Ecology Instagram Account and create a greater awareness of Open Source Ecology and your current SEH 4 project.