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Kevin Griep <> to Meta <> cc date Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 8:43 PM subject RE: SolarBoilerSystemGIF: Flat-slat Collector: e-Farm Visit Proposal

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Hi all,

My background includes Bio-Medical Engineering and Computer Networking. I also volunteer as a Scout Master and help Wisconsin Tech Corps recycle used computer equipment donated from large corporate concerns.

I have a great interest in Solar Power specifically in the Solar Voltaic Panels. I/m fairly handy with wiring and understanding electrical schematics. In my prime I did a lot of TTL Logic design and testing.

Would like to somehow be involved in designing arrays of SVP arrays for high efficiency to help humanity overcome future power needs and be self reliant.

The Zeitgeist movement is of specific interest, but not sure if their a hands on organization or just visionaries.

That’s my story…….. Married with children and trying to help were ever possible.