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The key metric to track is the percentage of key seats on the bus filled with the correct people. Culture matters, and if we get it right, there is magic.

Personally speaking - no assholes, and performance first. The people must be such that you can enjoy their company. If they feel out of whack, they probably are.

Jim Collins says this more eloquently [1]:

Jim Collins quotes on Who luck and 'right people on the bus'

"The number one metric to track is what percentage of the key seats on your bus or mini-bus are filled with the right people for those key seats? Is it 90% or above? If the answer’s no, you have just identified your No. 1 responsibility."

"I want to up the ante on the who thing. I want you to have Jorge Paulo Lemann's dilemma...too many great people."

"Do you have your 'who' hat on all the time? You think about who all the time. One of the most powerful things is 'who' luck."

"I got engaged four days after meeting my wife Joanne, that’s 40 years’ return on who luck."

"Try to turn everything from a What question to a Who question? If you get cancer, it’s Who’s the best oncologist?"

"A great life is when you get to spend your time absorbed in meaningful work you love with people you love."

"The principle is not getting the right people on the bus, it’s FIRST GETTING the right people on the bus."

"Eisenhower said 'Leadership is the art of getting people who want to do what must be done'. Every leader has his or her own artistry."