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Fri Oct 9, 2020

  1. Issues: 3 power supplies were flashing their power on light. Still not clear what happened. Maybe it was a bad power strip, but power strip is now working. Tested by removing GFCI and plugging power supply directly in without power strip and GFCI. Worked. Then one plug still didn't work, so I opened it to see maybe if it was wired bad inside. After opening and closing, plug worked, no more flashing power light on power supply.
  2. One power supply was actually bad.
  3. One time there was some short (RAMPS went dead) upon plugging in main power plug (green) to RAMPS, but unplugging and replugging fixed it.
  4. 2:22 Hours from check of electronics to finish of packing with labels. still had to make 4 heatbed wires there.
  5. Started at 7 PM. 6 hours total today, and approx 6 hours other day for total of 12 hours for shipping 4 Universals, or about 3 hours per. There were still refinements in process, so this is decent. Overall, lots of controller issues today to troubleshoot them.