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OSE is pursuing the open source economy, based on distributed production and Distributed Quality Control. OSE's paradigm follows the social business model of Distributive Enterprise. Social Business is used here as in Muhammad Yunus's definition.

Kit Requirements - Production Side

A solderless, quality-controlled kit requires these elements/preparation steps, which are all quality controlled.:

  1. Workspace and Tooling
  2. 3D printed parts
  3. Wiring extended and all soldering complete
  4. Electronics tested - motors, heaters, end stops, controller
  5. Cut list: Rods cut to size, Heat bed parts cut to size
  6. Bolts prepared
  7. Packaging
  8. Tools
  9. Packing List
  10. Quality control checklist
  11. Serial number and online quality assurance documentation
  12. OSE label




Rod Production

Ergonomics experiment:

  • 11:11 to cut and grind 32 rods
  • 5:30 to cut 32 rods
  • 5:41 to grind - grinding time is for only 36 rods (most rods were cut-down to proper length, so only had one end to grind)
  • Most rods were cut in reverse (from stop to saw, not from saw to stop)
  • Included cutting of plastic-sheathed rods (no need to remove sheathing prior to shipping)
  • Allowance to cut 1" longer than set point by moving rod to a different marker(filament holder rod)
  • Stop and rest was used. Grinder was clamped down in place using Angle Grinder Chop Saw holder
  • Tolerance was 14.5" +/- 1/32" for 32 rods, with most +/- 1/64", so quite good

One set takes:

  • 15 rods (5 axes, bed, spool holder (3 rods))
  • Above does 2 kits+
  • One kit - cutting = 2:45 min, grinding - 4:45 min
  • One kit total: 7:30 min in quantity of 2 or 1.5

Printed Parts

  • Production engineering for parts with nut catchers must still be resolved: either print cooling or laying flat, as nut catcher overhangs are an issue.

Electronics Testing

Internal Links

  • Steven Hawes / Opulo (Their recent videos have been heavily discussing how one sets up a shop for Production Runs / pack and ship orders etc
    • They also made some custom test equipment for their motherboards