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  • 800 euro - 2.4m diameter rotor - 600W maximum 10m/s. 5 m/s has around - 110 Watts +/-20W
  • Axial flux design
  • 30 cm diameter, disk, steel
  • RPM at 10 m/s 400 rpm
  • need back iron thickness so you don't saturate the iron
  • Permanent deflection of back iron happens for larger
  • 1200 kwh 5m/s. about 3 kwhr/day
  • Equivalent to a 500W solar array but depends on mean wind speed
  • 30% efficiency wind to batteries, not including charging loss of batteries.
  • Generator designs are about 87% efficient and down to 80% as power increases. Need more magnets to increase efficiency, then need less copper in stator.
  • Direct connect to battery - no maximum power point tracking
  • To connect to existing system - 300 Euro for tower/guy wires/concrete if necessary if no big rocks. 100Euro for cable. Diversion charge controller - goes to a resistor if too much - 250 euro - and resistor is $250 euro. Resistor is a thin wire wound around a metal cylinder for good heat dissipation. Surge power of 1kW of resistor.
  • Solar panels - just mounting structure + charge controller - $100
  • Magnets themselves cost - 10 euro per piece - need 24. 5 euro in bulk - 100 MOQ.
  • No iron core for
  • Powdered iron mixed in the resin - so you concentrate electric field in the core. For same amount of magnet, get more power. Typically lower efficiency when you have a core, but higher power density. With core, may be down to 75% efficient.
  • Core generator might need external cooling - fan on rotor.
  • Coreless is more expensive
  • Similar to [1] - larger ones - [2]. 760 kg for 30kw.
  • ST generator head - 20kw - 365 lb -- $800 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/20KW-ST-Generator-Head-1-Phase-for-Diesel-or-Gas-Engine-60Hz-/331914210831. Compare to 585 lb for radial flux - http://www.ginlong.com/en/Wind_Products/GL_PMG_20K.html
  • [3] -
  • Hugh - it works well, needs few days to be built, building a wind turbine in one day is the next step.
  • Hydro turbine - Turgorunner open source design, 3d printed runners. There's a guy in the USA who does turbine work.
  • What are the collaborative design tools.
  • Max in Germany makes blades in 2 hours. He is a fun guy.