LFC Channel Roof

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  • A ferrocement is a thin wall of reinforced cement, where layers of continuous mesh are covered on both sides with mortar
  • Ferrocement elements are durable, versatile, light and waterproof
  • A ferrocement channel (FC) is a longitudinal element of a curved section (often semi-cylindrical). It is precast using moulds
  • A ferrocement channel uses less cement and steel while having the same strength as the same RCC
  • FC are used for floors or roofs, but are bad thermal insulators
  • A major cost reduction is achieved compared to RCC
  • A simple and cheap manufacturing set up is needed but the areas for prefabricating and curing need to be quite large
  • It is easy to acquire the skill and easy to manufacture
  • A constant quality control is needed during the manufacturing process and a proper curing is needed for one month
  • If the channels are not manufactured on site,transportation has to be organized while taking care against damage
  • Ferrocement channels are lifted into place and can immediately be joined together in order to provide a shelter
  • No need of scaffoldings, shuttering, concrete mixer or vibrator

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