LG 4.5 cu ft Washer Dryer Combo WM3998HBA

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Combination Washer-Dryer

  • Reviews are positive in general [1]
  • Drying issues - some are user error, others it works flawlessly
  • Great pluses: 1200W, water saving, superefficient, actually saves time with longer cycles because you simply walk away and don't have to move the clothes to dry. Space saving. And no vent! Condenses the water.

Manual and Installation


  • Home Depot - [3]


Electric combination ventless (recirculates the heat) washer dryer combination appears to be the cheapest - can anything beat a heat pump-based or condensing dryer like the LG 4.5 cu ft ventless combo machine - https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-4-5-cu-ft-high-efficiency-smart-front-load-washer-and-electric-dryer-combo-with-steam-and-turbowash-technology-black-steel/6412730.p?skuId=6412730. At $1800 in 2023 this looks expensive, but minus about $300 for vent and $300 for wiring/breakers - and plus the efficiency of using less water and less power - this $1800 is really more like a $1200 equivalent if you subtract the costs of what you don't need to install in new construction. If you are saving $30/year [4] on dryer costs and [5] $37 on washer costs (for $50 average washer costs compared to $13 [6]. Water costs - the difference between 20 gallons and 10 gallons per wash [7] - with average of 200 loads per year [8]. That is 2000 gallons of water saved - and water is 1/4 - 1 cent/gal [9]. Take average of 1/2 cent - and your savings is $10/yr.

Summary - water + washer electricity + dryer electricity savings add up to about $77/year. Then it's as if you get a free washer and dryer every 20 years of electricity/water savings.

Heat pump dryers save about 50% on power costs. [10]

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/forum/house/1449890-no-outlet-dryer-newly-purchased-house.html

How It Works

  • It blows the hot steamy air across a cold plate, which condenses the moisture and recovers some of the energy used to heat the clothes. Way more energy efficient than just dumping the hot humid air outside. The steam condenses back into water and gets pumped out from the drain.
  • Running cost only $13/yr? [11]. That must be for washer only.
  • 120V outlet, no vent

Dryer Only

  • Says condensing dryer is faster, but heat pump dryer is more energy efficient
  • Only 2% of the households have them.
  • Conclusion: if you want speed, get vented, if you want energy efficiency, get ventless.
  • But - combining this with washer in one - if you want efficiency and speed (you just walk away, no transfer of wet clothes needed - so active washing time on part of the person is reduced) - then get the combo ventless. Half the work! Perhaps even less than half: half the trips to the washer, and you don't have to move wet clothes.