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1. Do a full exploded part diagram for the tractor, labeling each part with a number 2. Show a 2D technical drawing for each part, labeled by the number you used in the exploded part diagram. Do a separate page for each part. On each page, we can then retrofit labels and other fabrication procedure information - though I don't know how Solidworks handles such labels.

If we start a numbering scheme, do it in a way that it is universal useable. Specify numbers in the format XXXX-NNNN, where XXXX is a 4-digit-code for the machine and NNNN is the individual part number in that design, eg. 0003-0001 is part #1 of the Lifetrac (Bastelmike). These numbers could then be used general in GVCS for ordering spare parts, in fabrication....

Loader arm support beam angle iron

   No hidden lines showing hole placement in views (result: the side with 3 holes could be made in two different orientations - but only one would work)

Wheel axle shaft holding plate

   No vertical placement dimensions for large and medium size holes
   Assume symmetrical placement of small holes?

Wheel hydraulic motor interface plate

   I'm guessing the big hole is centered vertically on the plate?  (ie: no dimension)

Loader Arm End-lump

   Is this made from a solid 2" x 4.5" x 8" piece of steel?
   Thanks for the info on the "notch", but it still provide any dimensions and is only visible in one view (ie: no hidden lines illustrating it in secondary view)

The one other thing that is missing is an overall diagram showing how all these pieces fit together.

Loader Arm Round, I'm pretty sure the tube wall should not be 1/2" thick steel.

Seems that some dimensions are mixing diameter and radius for the Wheel Mount Round.

The thickness is specified at 5/16", but the difference between the ID and OD is 5/8".

I revived the "Old" sheet of the BOM spreadsheet and am updating it with the new PDF drawings, but can't match the item names to those in the PDF drawing. In the spreadsheet, I put the old names in (parens) and put the new name in front. Can you check it and match up the outstanding names?

The spreadsheet is on the "Steel" sheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet: