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Powerful tool for sending full resolution video files on the web at high speed.

Can form the backbone for our Video Library and Collaborative Editing platform.

OSEdit still good basis (and title?) for project. Will edit OSEdit page as revised plan evolves.!prettyPhoto


Next test is machine transcription... need Latakoo to add access to that function.

Tested Latakoo iPhone app with excellent results. Shot video, uploaded immediately to Latakoo, shared it, then downloaded immediately as AVID format video.


Logging within the Comments section on video. Worked as Searchable Database. Could be more precise but good for now. Apparently they are working on timecode based logging.


Completed upload of complete set of Documentation Jam camera cards. 3 SD cards with raw MTS files. Upload simple....but slow because I needed to use old Mac with USB connection. Organized material but need to consult with Latakoo for best way to create folder structure.


Excellent phone meeting with Paul Adrian and Ben Werdmuller. Very positive so far and Latakoo team is remotely monitoring my test and making suggestions along the way. We discussed their current and future plans for their tool and they listened to my thoughts on what we'll need from the system.

Their logging system now is very simple but they have plans to expand the capabilities of that.

Latakoo system can do transcription, either by machine or human (more expensive). very valuable for editing interviews and can help up streamline translations of final videos

Tested with Sony MXF files, Panasonic MTS files, Canon 7D MOV files. All good.

Tried downloading and transcoding for AVID editing DNxHD file. Failed at last minute twice. Need to research that with Latakoo team

Viewing format is excellent quality.

Learned how to invite other Admin people. Will test today.


Opened Latakoo test account. Working with Latakoo team for launch of test.