Lathe Specifications

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Fabrication and Cost

  • Ease and low cost of fabrication is the primary goal, as a high-performance lathe is perhaps the most important tool in a workshop
  • Construction consists of a concrete bed
  • Cost is that of 4 bags of concrete for the bed, chuck, cross slide, and
  • Motor cost is included in LifeTrac infrastructure
  • Motor coupler to lathe shaft is machined
  • Commercial chck is the main cost
  • XY table constitutes a cross slide
  • Tool post is fabricated
  • 2" shaft constitutes a mounting surface for an xy table and for tail stock
  • Feed-through shaft is present, but is only 1 foot deep
  • Cheap 2 15/16" bearing



  • 12" lathe
  • 1/1000" accuracy via bearing tolerance and chuck tolerance
  • Heavy duty axial thrust acceptable, as determined by 3" shaft and bearings
  • Radial thrust determined by set screws on 2 bearings, with 2 extra full split collars