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Oct. 6, 2012

Currently working on Backhoe.



  • Breadth of experience
  • Loves CAD work, designed much equipment, esp. automation equipment
  • VariCAD user on Linux, FreeCAD learner
  • Understands noise in plasma for CNC torch table; made CNC router


  • Disability. Addressed.
  • No professional CAD access. Addressed.
  • Relocation issues. Addressed.

Remote Work Assignment


I want to help if I can! I've Designed and Built automated manufacturing equipment for many many years. I'm a Machinist, Welder, Foundry-man for aluminum and brass as well as anything that melts between those heat ranges. I can build casting patterns, the flasks, and a small or large furnace to melt the metal. I prefer "Green Sand" because it can be used over and over. I've used the "Lost Foam", "Lost Wax", and the plain "Pattern Casting" methods. I also can do CAD and some CAM. I've lost my Favorite CAD program due to Cost and since I'm a Linux Ubuntu nerd and there are not a lot of good CAD/CAM tools out there. The CAM is covered by LinuxCNC and I've had good luck with it. I use it with a small CNC machine I built to cut out foam and wood patterns for casting. There is not much I can't do when it comes to Fabrication. And I love teaching others that want to learn. Please, Where and How can I help?

Lenny-Wayne Patterson Lenny-Wayne as in one word. I live in the state of Oklahoma in the United States.

p.s. There is one draw back. I've had to retire at 42 because of health issues. But I'm not Dead yet and I want to make the world a better place!!!