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Sat Oct 5, 2013

Leonardo Gutierrez 10:26 AM ok hi ... Is my firts time ... in hang out... Im a phisicist from Colombia Im workin in my bussiness www.nuevoartesano.com also I have a work team over openstreetmap . I construct a cnc machine for my bussiness. and work principally with sketchup and cam software also I'm techer in a school in arduino tech with kids about 13-16 years old

I gonna check the status of backhoe, I'm interested in work on that https://docs.google.com/a/opensourceecology.org/drawings/d/1EtfMQJoPwMxXRZrMtDT1H-qD7DgWG5wRYZI9Vm5V_B8/edit

Is interesting the micro combine, some information is here


In colombia some farmers ask to me for this

Thu Nov 21 2013

I working in the migration from freecad to sketchup of the lasersaur files.