Lesego Long Term Vision

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At a glance, I want to contribute, build, create and live in a society that has full tools, skill-set, mindset, freedom and acumen to achieve the means of production. To achieve the means of production one has the vision to build and acquire the necessary tools to build by themselves and with the help of others. The bigger part of my vision is to achieving the goals beyond human imagination in civilization of human kind and transformation in a radical manner. I want to be a great human who is able to think about something today and build it tomorrow, "literally speaking" and to start seeing life challenges as an opportunity to do better, practically.

I personally want to achieve the highest point of my personal capability, financial stability, high level of productivity and being a guider, helper, leader of change to my local and outside communities on civilization and to attain sustainable grow to all that does not have limitations due to current practicalities. I want to build the long term vision using short attainable goals which includes changing a small problem on a daily basis, as this approach will impact life's on a daily basis leading to great foundation of problem solving and direct solutions to direct problems and to grow as an entrepreneur on the move in a sustainable manner i.e ecologically, socially etc. My vision is to focus on problem solving which is encompassed around solving problems to address issues arising from social, environmental, crisis, food security, technology developments and education in Africa and globally. My long term vision has to be build in the pillars of honesty, honor and “ubuntu/botho” caring principle. I want to see achievement of one successful person pulling a 10 others in my lifetime.