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Overview - 2020

As off inception i would focus my time on a set roadmap to developing the my facility and start with the construction of the first set of the printers within the year 2020 last quarter, small and medium. This includes development of the small D3D Printer which then the plan is this will enable us to be at between 40 and 50% focus on the printer development. During the beginning of the first quarter of the year 2021 plan is to have completed the Medium Printer and CNC Torch table. At the second quarter 2021 the one should be working in the development and aiming to complete in real short time, i.e 1-3 day building of the first universal printer set to start build the large printer, start production of parts, start running training/workshop or educational promotions via local schools and/or colleges and developing on the products production with regards. The Third quarter of 2021 will be left to scaling up, expanding and radicalizing the capability for large scale production machine building in line with GVCS, recruiting people to help with the work this will at, the success mark will be at this point a 100% production of 3D printer including the large scale universal 3D printer. At this point it will mark my first year. The road-map is broken down into a quarterly manner in the first year due to most time being spend on getting up and running thoroughly and which will then give me the ability to run full steam ahead. Post the first year the plan is to start producing, contributing and working towards the developments of the OFT training Product development. The first two year sums up the road map for the OFT training. Post the training the position will be to i envisage taking up both product and project development with OSE's and contribute meaningfully to the program.

At global/OSE milestone plan, from 2020 to 2021, one will learn, participate and be involved in the metallurgical development of the clay extraction process to perfect it to be successful initial at small scale production, with particular interest in recovery of the associated syn-gas as a by-product. to also integrate with the global side of OSE, it is important to also aim to apply the experience one has in any possible structures of OSE to either co-develop with OSE or add-on to the body of knowledge from the organisation and the general open source economy.

The maps below represent more or less a linear development pattern, while we expect the reality to be more nonlinear. As such, the milestones in the maps below are being followed roughly and loosely. The end state of economic transformation to a collaborative economy remains the same.


To be part of the first phase of OSE's to eradicate artificial scarcity to further humanity evolution hence adopt the OSE's roadmap to achieve the road based on the achievement of the GVCS. below is a sequencing with general notes and more tactical steps and details supporting this are reflected in the critical path, This completes the strategic approach towards achieve the above mentioned goals.