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OSE agrees to July 12-13 (is Fri-Sat ok with you, or do you want to do Sat - Sun?) under the condition that you are responsible for:

  1. Redesign
  2. CAD (sketchup preferred (so people can collaborate freely) and CAM (dxf). To make welding foolproof, put in notches in wheel units and other places so parts cannot be assembled for welding in a wrong way even if a person tried. Submit to OSE by July 1 for verification (via model 3D printing or laser cutting). For this, IKEA-style diagrams are critical.
  3. Bill of Materials
  4. IKEA style fabrication diagrams (see sample). Deliver to our Product Lead by no later than July 6. Design, CAD, CAM, and IKEA to be posted on OSE wiki at a location specified by OSE.
  5. Purchase of all materials, machine the wheel couplers. You organize their delivery to Factor e Farm by no later that 2 days prior to production run. This includes delivery by Sweiger Shop to Factor e Farm (about $50-100)
  6. Videotape torch cutting on July 8-10 - it should be no more than one day of cutting, and if all goes well - more like 4 hours
  7. Providing footage in an open soure video format for use by OSE, and assigning ownership of the video footage to OSE, where OSE will place the footage under a CC-BY-SA license.
  8. Bringing Nat and OSBG leadership to participate in build - 4 people from the New Orleans crew.
  9. Follow modularity for wheel units. Redesign arms to 4x4s for siimplicity if possible. Design cutting for 5'x10' torch table.

OSE agrees to:

  1. Set up the space for the 12-13 production run and OSE Product Lead runs the build. Primary tasks will be welding and assembly according to Ikea Style Fab Diagrams.
  2. Prepare workshop and lay out all materials on July 11.
  3. Prepare welders, workflow, space by July 10
  4. Cut the steel with CNC torch table July 8-10. We hope it will be on July 10, but if we feel that we may need more time, we will begin July 8.
  5. Model a partial-scale version of CAM cuts the CNC cuts via 3D printer or laser cutter.
  6. Bring 8 people to the event

So Ian, this is some serious work. The above must be done if we are to succeed in a 2-day build - and if we are on top of it all - it should not take more than a single day. For that to happen, the main ingredients are that the CNC cuts need to be proofed by modeling (partial scale), all parts are on site, and we have 12 people. Then sparks happen.

Let me know if you have any questions or if i missed anything.