LifeTrac 6 Modules

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LifeTrac Development Brief

LifeTrac 6 Baseline Product Requirements

  1. Dozuki
    1. LifeTrac 6
    2. Module - Power Cube
    3. Module - Cab Frame
    4. Module - Foot Pedals
    5. Module - Bobcat Standard Quick Attach
    6. Module - Loader Arms
    7. Module - Pivot

Collaborators' Logs

Jonathan's Log

Dave's Log

Scott's Log

Leandra's Log

Lucas' Log

Cory's Log

Chris DeAngelis' Log

Jean-Baptiste's Log

LifeTrac 6 Full Assembly

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LifeTrac Assembly


Design Change Proposals



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Module - Power Cube Product Development Board

File:LifeTrac6 PowerCube.skp


Cab Design Requirements


Module - Cab Frame Product Development Board

Cab module Sketchup File



Cab Module

Hydraulic Valves Sketchup Files

Hydraulic Connections

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Controller Mounting Plate Drawings

File:2 Spool Mounting Plate.pdf

File:3 Spool Mounting Plate.pdf

3 Spool Joystick Loader Control Valve

Item Checkout Page

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2 Spool Joystick Loader Control Valve

Item Checkout Page

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Hydraulic Flow Schematic

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Leandra's Log

Jonathan's Log

Loader Arm Submodules

Module - Loader Arms Product Development Board

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File:Loader Arm.skp

Loader Arm

Auxiliary Mount Submodule

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File:Auxiliary Mount.skp

New Bobcat Quick Attach Module

File:BobCat Quick Attach.skp

File:BobCat Quick Attach w Plate.skp

Quick Attach

Module - Bobcat Standard Quick Attach Product Development Board

QuickAttach.jpg Quick Attach

File:Quick Attach.skp


Front WheelBase

Wheel Mount

File:Wheel Mount.skp

Wheel Mount.jpg Wheel Mount

Quick Attach Wheel Module

Wheelmount - edited 6-9-13.jpg


Modular Wheel Units

Future Gearbox Module

Figured out how to use the roller chain design accelerator in AutoDesk Inventor. Here's all the specs and calculations for the chain & sprockets I put on (The sprockets are the ones we already use, and the chain's now single instead of double.)


Chain and Sprocket Specs & Calculations

Benefits to the New Gearbox Design

The new box has the following benefits:

  • The box is totally reversible in any orientation for the four wheels.

  • The same motor sits adjacent to the drive shaft instead of in-line, making the box only 20" long instead of 30"
    • This enables us to narrow the wheelbase considerably (which is definitely needed in order to fit the tractor safely on any trailer other than a semi).

  • Still modular - you can use it in other applications as well.
    • Gives the option for expansion into narrower wheel-based vehicles (Such as the Car or MicroTrac)

  • Allows for potential gear shifting & speedier movement if you want to add different size sprockets

  • Stronger and shorter 3" drive shaft instead of 2" (Less likely to break)
    • This also means that using skid steering becomes a viable option again

  • Easily serviceable:
    • Both sides are open with plenty of lengthwise room to slip the motor, sprockets, and bearings out if needed.
    • Hydraulic motor inputs/outputs easily accessible.
    • Clamp is essentially just a large C Clamp with two long bolts. When removed, the whole box comes out.

Rear WheelBase

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File:Rear Wheelbase.skp

Articulated Steering Pivot

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Module - Pivot Product Development Board