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Using BOM Template:


Cloverdale Manufacturing Order Instructions

See Cloverdale Manufacturing Order Instructions. This is the parts file (DXF drawings) for ordering items 1-11 above:


  • Flat plate is mild steel, 1/2" thick
  • Holes are 1-1/8" (except for item #4)
  • Square tubing is 1/4"x4"x4" - in 10 foot lengths
  • First hole is 2 inches on center away from the edge, and all spacing is 4" between holes
  • All 4 sides of tubing are cut the same, so that holes are directly opposite from one another, and distance of the hole on each of the four sides is identical for each of the four sides. Note: 2 of the 45 tubes ordered last time were not good.

Quick attach wheel mount plates for the 1 7/8" shaft size

See reference picture - Mike_Hill_6_in_60_Metal_Order#Parts

Change Log

  • Pivot plates were modified - rounded part was shortened
  • All holes increased by 1/16" to 1-1/8" to facilitate bolting
  • .dxf file showing the 30 holes on 4" centers that appear in a 10' 4x4 tube
  • The wheel mount plates are also modified per previous discussions, i.e. Holes for option of direct bolting to the 4x4s.
  • Re motor plate of the wheel The plates that the motor is bolted to were completely incorrect (MJ note: incorrect only if Motor Interface plate is not used, which it isn't) to accommodate the 45.6 Cu In Motors. I made the corrections and made a new .dxf file (attached).